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The Inkarri brand is produced by Proviva Winery, based in the heart of Mendoza, Argentina.
Proviva embodies the quest for a wine identity that is both original and authentic. Their estate-grown wines are produced exclusively from organic and Biodynamic vineyards located in the best terroirs of Mendoza, by vineyard manager Facundo
Bonamaizon, and winemaker Gabriel Bloise
. Organic and Biodynamic agriculture guarantee a viticulture with no inputs, where vines authentically express the character of place.  Inkarri wines are produced from the organic and Biodynamic vineyards in the small village of Agrelo, Lujan de Cuyo, “the home of Malbec.” Find out more



Biokult, located in Pamhagen in the Niederösterreich region of Austria, produces fine Austrian organic wines. Biokult unites a group of organic vintners with the shared goal of producing organic wines of the highest quality – wines that embody regional identity and bring pure, natural enjoyment in the glass. Family growers include Berthod & Eva Haider,  the Fleischhacker Family,
Hanz Tizt and Bernhard Lang. All Biokult vintners embrace environmental protection, biodiversity, and the promotion of healthy soils in their vineyards. Angela Michlits is the primary winemaker for Biokult. Find out more 


Koyle Family Vineyards 

Koyle, based near Santiago, places their greatest effort on the expression and understanding of the vineyard. It is based on 3 pillars: man, place and environment. It is through a Biodynamic approach that they have found the best way to get intimately close to the expression of nature. The deep respect of the ecosystem, natural cycles and the dedication of human work are used to achieve these wines of excellence. The Undurraga family has been dedicated to winemaking for more than 6 generations, started by Francisco Undurraga Vicuña in 1885. In 2006, Cristobal Undurraga began to plant the mountains with red grape varieties, starting the story of Koyle Family Vineyards. Find out more 


Maison Raymond 

Maison Raymond produces the highest quality AOC Bordeaux organic wines. The main difference in the wine produced by organic agriculture, is the word “respect”: respect of the soil, on which the vine is planted, respect of the vine, respect of the organic methods, and all of this for the respect of the environment and the respect of the consumer. The Raymond family has a long history of winemaking, dating back to 1850. In 2000 Lionel Raymond, because of his strong beliefs in and respect for the environment, decided to convert the entire vineyard (130 hectares) to organic agriculture. Find out more



The Lorenz family winery is located in the heart of Rheinhessen, the number-one and best vineyard region in Germany. German organic wines made from grapes grown in Rheinhessen owe their fruitiness and rich bouquet to the mild climate and extraordinary soil in this area. Lorenz’s philosophy is: Enjoy the goodness! That means for Lorenz making wine with passion. Together they put love, care and time in their wine, and you can taste the difference! Organic producing means that they are committed to responsible care of nature. Find out more


Domaine Gioulis – SOFOS 

Domaine Gioulis SA is situated in the province of Corinth, close to the valley of Nemea on the Peloponnese peninsula. The brothers George and Konstantinos Gioulis together with the second-generation winemakers Dimitris and Ermioni take care of the only Greek winery that holds the NOP certification. Since the late 90s, Gioulis has been able to achieve the Greek organic DIO certification. Their dedication to preserve their Greek wine-making heritage is matched with their commitment to producing quality Greek organic wines. Find out more 


Fattoria di Romignano 

Fattoria di Romignano, producer of fine organic Chianti, is located in the heart of Tuscany, 30 km south of Florence. Members of the Rossi family have been winemakers since the early part of 1900s when they purchased Fattoria di Romignano. 4th generation winemaker Riccardo Rossi is at the helm today. The climate is dry and sunny with cold nights and warm days during the harvest. As a result, there is a good accumulation of sugar and tannic components on the grapes, making for a full and flavor-rich Chianti. Find out More


Cantina Pizzolato

La Cantina Pizzolato, located in the Veneto region, produces Italy’s number-one selling Italian organic wines. Located in the rich and flourishing countryside north of Treviso, the organic vineyards are situated on the plains and hillsides. For more than five generations, the Pizzolato family has  been consistently living in harmony with nature and the environment. Settimo Pizzolato joined the company in 1981, alongside his father Gino. He progressively undertook production of Italian organic wines, among the first wine producers in Italy to do so. Find out more


Quinta da Plansel

Winemaker Dorina Lindemann and her two daughters, Luísa and Julia, enthusiastically advocate Portuguese wines vinified from the organic grapes of autochthonous varieties, especially those from the Alentejano VR region. Combining oenological knowledge and expertise with the study of biodiversity in regional varieties is of particular interest. Site-specific adaptation of grapevine varieties to the terroir of Quinta da Plansel, often referred to as “precision viticulture,” is an integral part of the estate’s success story. Find out more


Bodegas Iranzo

Since 1994, Bodegas Iranzo has exclusively produced Spanish organic wines, making it one of the oldest-established vineyards in Spain to apply this European organic regulation. Located in the Utiel-Requena DO region near Valencia, Bodegas Iranzo produces the Oldest Estate Bottled Wines in Spain, with the first recorded written evidence of the vineyard estate Cañada Honda, owned by the Iranzo Perez–Duque family dating back to 1335 as granted by King Pedro I of Castilla. The Iranzo family continue the heritage today with Alfonso Iranzo Jr. and Senior running the vineyard. Find out more


Bodegas Familiares Matarromera-Granza

Bodegas Familiares Matarromera, producing some of the world’s finest Spanish organic wines, is found deep in the heart of the Ribera del Duero region of Spain.  The methods and techniques of producing these wines of exceptional quality have been handed down from generation to generation. Carlos Moro decided, in 1988 to cultivate the vines, and build a new cellar. The secret lies in farming vineyards with special characteristics that make them outstanding, because of their altitude, location, orientation and the use of organic farming methods. Find out more



Tarantas Spanish Organic Wines — “Wine with Body and Soul from the Heart of Spain.” The Tarantas brand name and label were inspired by the free-flowing, open art form of Flamenco song and dance of the same name, celebrated in Southeast Spain. Located in the Utiel-Requena DO region near Valencia, exclusively producing Spanish organic wines since 1994. Traditional artisan organic wine making craft passed on for family generations combined with organic agriculture on lime-crusted sandy soils within a National Reserve Park = superb Spanish organic wines. Find out more

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